Staying on Top of the Trends in the Matrix.

Staying on Top of the Trends in the Matrix.

What You Need to Do – Staying on Top of the Trends in the Matrix

Yesterday, we shared some key trends for 2024. But they are just trends. How can you action them and stay relevant in the ever changing cybersecurity landscape? Well, we make it easy for you to stay cool in the #Matrix with CriticalMatrix | MatrixVentures.

Here are 8 tangible things you can prioritize as part of your cyber journey to improve your security quotient and be part of the 2024 trends we predicted.

1. Emphasizing Basic Security Hygiene:

  • Reiterating the importance of basic security hygiene is essential. These practices, especially in cloud environments, can protect against the majority of cyberattacks.

2. Password Security and Phishing Attacks:

  • Microsoft has observed a dramatic rise in password attacks. To counter this, organizations should consider adopting non-phishable credentials like Windows Hello for Business or FIDO keys.

3. Preparing for Sophisticated BEC Attacks:

  • Business Email Compromise (BEC) attacks are at an all-time high, with threat actors employing more sophisticated social engineering techniques. Increased intelligence sharing is vital for a more impactful response.

4. Nation-State Threat Actors and Espionage:

  • Nation-state actors are expanding their cyber operations globally, focusing on critical infrastructure, education, and policymaking. Monitoring for potential espionage-related breaches is crucial.

5. IoT and OT Security:

  • The increasing vulnerability of IoT and OT systems to cyberattacks necessitates robust patch management and network monitoring strategies.

6. Collaborative Efforts in Cybersecurity:

  • Collaboration across public and private sectors is essential to improve knowledge, resilience, & mitigation strategies against evolving cyber threats.

7. The Need for More Cybersecurity Professionals:

  • Addressing the global shortage of cybersecurity and AI professionals requires strategic partnerships between educational institutions, governments, and businesses. Prioritizing AI skills development is crucial.

8. Microsoft Technologies:

  • Microsoft's advancements in cloud security and AI are crucial trends to watch in 2024. Their focus on implementing fundamental security practices in the cloud can greatly enhance organizational security.
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